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Tiger Beach Diving, an Amazing Diving Location!

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Tiger Beach Bahamas

Diving Tiger Beach is the premiere Shark Diving location. If you like diving with sharks and have not been to Tiger Beach your missing out!
Join the Dolphin Dream Team for the very best in liveaboard Tiger Beach Diving.

Tiger Beach bahamas

Tiger Beach only came about around 2002 but the area was discovered in the late '80's by Captain Scott Smith. Before the change to shark diving the area was well know for a great scuba diving and wild dolphin snorkeling area. Since 1980 Captain Scott had been divers and snorkelers to this area, enjoying the pristine waters and all the local creatures. He had also learned from salvage divers that there are numerous wrecks in the area with a couple of them still visited today.

Tiger Beach area has a shallow reef bar located a mile from the deep water drop off. Lying inshore from the reef bar are more bars, some with sand that look like a beach. These bars are some of the shallowest bars around and make for a comfortable place to anchor at night. This one square mile area has been known for years as the Dry Bar. Recently it was renamed to Tiger Beach because it is a convenient and pretty place to dive with Tiger Sharks.

During Captain Scott's dive and snorkel trips in the late '80's if he caught any fish to feed the people onboard, he would take the left over carcasses and tie them off to the back of the boat at night in the Tiger Beach area. Sure enough the Tiger Sharks would come in at night and feed off the carcases. This went on occasionally for years and some of the first published pictures of Tiger Shark came from Captain Scott's professional photographer clients that came with him for wild dolphin pictures.

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