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Best Place to Dive with Sharks.

Dive with six different species: Tiger, Great Hammerhead, Lemon, Reef, Nurse and Bull Sharks – See them all in the Bahamas.

Liveaboard vessels are the best way to dive Tiger Beach, Bahamas because you get more diving time in with less effort and its all-inclusive. We stay on location all day for the best shark diving in the Bahamas and the best in shark encounters.

Tiger Sharks

Bahamas Shark Diving

Tiger Shark Encounters!

Tiger Sharks are usually solitary sharks, they spend their time alone swimming the oceans except for when baited or breeding. The western Atlantic Tiger Sharks, including the Bahamas population, seem to migrate north to Bermuda and/or the northeast coast of America during the summer months. They travel to the Bahamas and sometimes farther south during the winter. Most of the Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach are female and usually pregnant. We have named many we see on a regular basis. We believe the pregnant females travel north of the Bahamas, possibly to the Sargasso Sea, to have their pups.

The Best Place to Dive with Sharks

A pregnant female Tiger Shark.

Great Hammerheads

best shark diving

A Great Hammerhead is an elusive and rare shark to see.These fierce predators have unusual hammer-shaped heads,extremely tall dorsal fins and canreach lengths of 20-feet, but most individuals encountered by our divers are between 10- and 14-feet in length. They generally appear for feeding on our trips during the fall and winter months between November and April.

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Caribbean Reef Shark

bahamas shark

Caribbean Reef sharks are generally 3- to 5-feet in length. These sharks are very common around the Bahamas.The colorful coral and sponges as well as diver-sized crevices and canals along the reef at our dive site offer divers many excellent photographic opportunities. There is a sea grass “meadow” which makes another nice backdrop for photos of these sleek, quick, curious animals. We keep a bait box hanging off the side of the boat at the surface which always has a crowd of fish and sharks around it offering even more reason to bring along your camera.

best shark diving

Lemon Sharks

bahamas sharks

The Lemon sharks of the Bahamas average about 6- to 8.5-feet and can show up at our dive site in numbers of up to 30 at a time. Most we see are female with only the occasional male passing through. Some researchers say that at least some of the Tiger Beach population travel between the Bahamas and Florida. There are times that we see less of them so they must travel, but are not really a migratory shark like the Tigers and Hammerheads. They are not a solitary shark and are usually found in small groups. These Lemon sharks are bold and completely unafraid of humans. We do not handfeed them because they would take over the underwater feeding. We do, however, occasionally feed them on the surface which makes for some pretty cool topside pictures. They swim in and amongst divers, coming in very close and are also very prevalent on the surface.

Tiger Shark Diving

Bull Sharks

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Bull Sharks used to be a very rare occurrence at Tiger Beach, but have recently moved into the area. They average around 6-feet and sometimes we count upward of 6 individuals. Bull Sharks have a reputation for being more aggressive than most other sharks and probably account for the most bites on humans in the Bahamas and Florida. For this reason, we do not feed them and prefer they keep their distance. We even chase them away sometimes so they don't get too comfortable around people. They have become the sixth species we see at Tiger Beach which is great as long as they keep their distance. Divers should keep their eyes on them if they get close and be careful not to make any sudden or aggressive moves toward them.

Nurse Sharks

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There are usually one or two Nurse sharks around during our shark dives. They will come up to the bait crates and literally suck chunks of fish out of the crates.

Shark Diving

Black Grouper

And last but not least, we have our “pet” groupers. There are large Black and Nassau Groupers at our dive site most of the time.

Shark dives occur at depths from 20 to 60-feet, often there is a slight current running. Due to the nature of the activity, it is recommended that you are an experienced and certified at least Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent). Prior to any diving with sharks, you will get an safety briefing in regards to diving and basic shark behavior, and emergency procedures. You will be signing two different release forms releasing The Dream Team Inc from any in water liability.

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