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Tiger Beach Bahamas is one of the most, if not the most, premiere shark diving location in the world. If you like diving with sharks and have not been to Tiger Beach you are missing out! Join us for the very best in liveaboard Tiger Beach diving today!

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Tiger Beach is not actually a beach but is name for the beutiful white sand under shallow water near by. Must be close to a beach but actually sits about 20 miles NNW from West End, Grand Bahamas Island. The white sand bottom of the dive site sits at 50 feet (15m) with the reef coming up to 30 feet (10m). This specific site was named "Fish Tales" long before "Tiger Beach" was named but it is the spot to be.

Visabity can be great at times with 200 feet (60m) clarity, plus bright sunshine and white sandmakes for the best pictures. Current is usaelly mild tidal flow. Average count of sharks si 5-7 Tiger Sharks, 20 or so Lemon Sharks, 30 plus Reef Sharks, 5 Nurse Sharks and the occasional Bull Shark. Five diiferent specie on one dive! Well over 50 sharks on one dive! Doesn't get any better!

Most of the Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach are female, regulars, have been given names, and to certain extent they seem to understand the routine and recognize the bait crates. We have seen some of them for years, although they do travel and sometimes disappear for a while before returning. Some we have named unfortunately we no longer see, it makes us wonder what happened to them. They are all individual with different personalities, with some of the newer or smaller individuals being bolder.

Tiger Beach bahamas

Tiger Beach was discovered in the late 80s by Captain Scott Smith. This area of the Bahamas was well known for a great scuba diving and as a wild dolphin snorkeling area before its addition to the relatively short list of world class shark diving destinations. There are also wrecks in the area that the team sometimes visit on their trips. Captain Scott has been bringing divers and snorkelers to this area for over four decades to enjoy pristine waters and interaction with all the local inhabitants.

During Captain Scott's early snorkel trips, the fresh fish caught for meals on the boat would provide fishy table scraps that were tied off to the back of the boat at night. The Tiger Sharks would come in at night to pick up the handy snacks provided. This went on occasionally for years resulting in some of the first published pictures of Tiger Sharks taken by professional photographers.

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