Best Place to Dive with Sharks! DIVE with TIGER SHARKS!

Best Place to Dive with Sharks!

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What's it like?

dive with tiger sharks

The anticipation and excitements build as you watch the 10-12 sharks circling in the crystal clear water at the back of the boat.You gear up as the tension builds and do your giant stride into hundreds of Jacks, Snapper, Grouper and reef fish, not to mention 40 or more Lemon, Reef and Nurse sharks within visible range.

As you descend and you notice something a lot bigger down belowswimming gracefully over the pure white sand -Could this be what you came here to see? Yes!It is! It’s a powerful, sleekTiger Shark!You are doing it!! You are Tiger Shark diving in the Bahamas!!! And there’s more than one of these awe-inspiring creatures! One is swimming right toward you! You remember your training: stay calm, maintain eye contact and don't swim away. Everything in your body is telling you to back away, especially when the Tiger Shark gets almost close enough to touch.

You realize just how big one of these 12-feet plus sharks are as it slowly swims by looking you up and down and wait… was that a wink? There’s no need to swim around looking for them. They’re all more than happy to parade by as you kneel in the sand in stunned silence trying to remember to breathe.

Later, as you surface from your dive, you feel you’ve been dreaming and what continues on a loop in your head is "Best. Dive. EVER!!"

Give it a try. You won’t regret it. Come dive with us. It could be the best decision you ever make.

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Most of the Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach are female, regulars, have been given names, and to certain extent they seem to understand the routine and recognize the bait crates. We have seen some of them for years, although they do travel and sometimes disappear for a while before returning. Some we have named unfortunately we no longer see, it makes us wonder what happened to them. They are all individual with different personalities, with some of the newer or smaller individuals being bolder.

Tiger sharks are big sharks, 3 to 5 meters long.  On average about five individuals show up on every dive but we have counted upwards of 10 on a dive.

These Tiger shark dives are without a cage and start by putting crates of bait (fish. chunks, blood, etc.) in the water. Most dives the diver will take a crate of fish down specifically to feed the Tiger Sharks and Hammerhead sharks. We usually do four dives per day depending on weather and current conditions. We do limited night dives due to the sharks and their natural nocturnal nature. 

Participants will be responsible for their own safety during these dives. The sharks are attracted by baiting with dead fish and there is a risk of injury or death while diving with these big sharks. Participants need to be adults, experienced divers and accept the risk associated with shark diving and shark feeding.

Best Place to Dive with Sharks

Most of the participants return from shark diving with smiles and comments like, wow, amazing, terrific, thrilling and more.

Shark season runs October through May with water temperature averages around 77F with highs up to 82F and possible lows down to 72F. Air temperature ranges from highs up to 86F and lows occasionally down to 60F. Coolest months are January, February and March. Most diver wear 5 mm full suits, hoods and gloves.

When you dive with Tiger Sharks you'll be amazed at how cautious, slow moving, docile, tactical and smart these sharks are... But Tiger Sharks can be dangerous and are known as one of the man-eaters. Please do not ever forget what they are, a large predatory fish with a large mouth, sharp teeth and a small brain. They naturally feed on the surface on birds, carcasses and trash, in the shallow water they feed on turtles, rays and lobster. The Tiger sharks and the Great Hammerheads are the only sharks we actually feed.

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Please read our release forms here: Standard Release and Shark Diving Release.

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