Tiger shark diving Bahamas Tiger Shark Diving Bahamas!

Tiger Beach Bahamas Shark Diving Live Aboard .



The Best Shark diving in the World!!!

Tiger shark diving

A bold statement but everything considered it's true. Diving with Tiger Sharks and Great Hammerhead sharks, two of the biggest species, and a large quantity of Lemon sharks, Reef sharks, Nurse sharks, the occasional Bull shark. This gives you six species all together in one dive location, sometimes even on one dive! Plus this Tiger shark diving and all the other shark diving is in shallow water, usually calm and clear over pure white sand. Definitely the best place to photograph sharks. This is why experienced divers, world traveled divers and UW photographers, all say it's the best shark diving they ever experienced!

Departing Florida for 6 or 8 night live aboard trips to dive Tiger Beach Bahamas and Great Hammerheads of Bimini.

No COVID pre test required for Bahamas or US.

Average 4 dives a day, Accomidations, Meals, Taxes, All Inclusive for under $500. a Day!

E-mail; inform@dolphindreamteam.com or 001-561-351-9354, Whats App 001 561 635 5065

Booking Now! 2021 !

Oct 16 to 22, Tiger sharks

Nov 6 to 14, Tiger sharks and G Hammerheads.

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tiger beach bahamas

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