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Best Shark Diving Trips
Bahamas Liveaboard Shark Diving trips to Tiger Beach and Bimini.

7 to 10-day Trip Itinerary.

M/V Dolphin Dream is your 86-foot home away from home for Bahamas liveaboard shark diving trips, designed with easy and best of shark diving in mind. Enjoy an informal lifestyle, simple relaxation and outstanding diving. Our days are spent experiencing nature, and the nights are spent anchored under the stars.

Tiger Shark and Great Hammerhead liveaboard shark diving trips.

The season runs from October through May. 7-day trips are only to Tiger Beach.  8 to 10-day trips include Bimini for Hammerheads and wild dolphins.

Wild Dolphin snorkeling and diving trip season are from May through August. See more…

The Dolphin Dream departs from Blue Heron Docks, 389 East Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, Fl, 33404, USA. This is in the West Palm Beach Florida area. The nearest airport is Palm Beach International (PBI), about 20 minutes from the boat, Fort Lauderdale is the next closest (FLL), about 1 hour from the boat and largest airport is Miami (MIA), about 2 hours from boat.  Boarding time is 3pm to 7pm on the departure day, dinner is provided, and the boat departs for the Bahamas around 10pm. On our return date, disembarkation is around 10:30am.

9 day liveaboard Shark Diving trip sample itinerary.

The weather is usually beautiful, but occasionally it may affect our itinerary. A typical 9-day liveaboard dive trip on the Dolphin Dream will go as follows with good weather.

Day 1

Departure day. The boat is available for boarding 3-7 p.m. This gives you plenty of time to unpack and familiarize yourself with your floating home for the week. We will be serving dinner onboard this evening. An orientation briefing will be given on emergency procedures and information to ensure you get the fullest enjoyment from your adventure. We depart Riviera Beach Florida this evening around 10 p.m. for our overnight crossing to West End, Bahamas.

Day 2

Wake up in the beautiful Bahamas! Breakfast is at 8 a.m. When Bahamas customs and immigration opens at 9 a.m., your Captain will get the paperwork completed, and soon after we’ll be on our way north to Tiger Beach. We’ll arrive for a check-out dive on a shallow reef shortly after lunch. We will move on to Fish Tales the official site of Tiger Beach. We will use some bait to chum, but no feeding during these first few dives. You will see Lemon sharks, Reef Sharks and the occasional Tiger shark, but these first few dives are mainly to be sure everyone understands our diving procedures and acclimates to the sharks.

Days 3, 4, 5

Breakfast at 8 a.m. and shark diving at 9 a.m. at Fish Tales dive site with a maximum depth of about 50 ft (15m). This is the prime location of Tiger Beach where we will do about 4 dives a day. We alternate our dives between structured Tiger Shark baited dives and non-baited dives where you can swim around the Tiger Sharks and reef area.

At the end of our time at Tiger Beach area, we depart in the afternoon for Bimini to see Great Hammerheads and wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (Stenella Frontalis).

Days 6, 7

 Morning at Bimini, maybe a wild dolphin snorkel in the morning and then Hammerheads in the afternoon.

Tiger sharks are easy, reliable, and consistent. Hammerheads and especially dolphins can take time and patience. Longer trips increase your chances of good encounters with these rarer animals and maybe even turtles, wrecks, and reefs.

Day 8

Bimini Great Hammerhead diving! Also Bull sharks and Nurse sharks. Last diving day we do 4 dives and depart early evening for the overnight cruise back to Riviera Beach, Florida.

Day 9

8 am arrival at US Customs dock for clearance.  Breakfast is served and will be back at the home dock by 10 am when you can disembark the Dolphin Dream.