Dive with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas

Tiger sharks in the Bahamas! Now that's diving with sharks!

The anticipation and excitement build as you prepare to dive with Tiger sharks in the Bahamas. Before you jump off the boat, you wait for one of the numerous Lemon sharks circling on the surface to swim by. You jump into the crystal clear water passing a curious Reef shark and a huge school of Jacks. Looking down, you notice three to four Tiger sharks below swimming gracefully over the pure white sand, and you haven’t even counted them all.

Tiger sharks are what you have come to see big, sleek, smart, and relaxed Tiger sharks! Comfortable enough to get close, making eye contact and passing almost close enough to touch.

Later, as you surface from your dive with sharks, you feel the excitement, the joy, the amazement, and what keeps going through your mind is “Best Dive EVER!!”

Tiger sharks are big sharks, 9-13 feet (3-4+ meters) long, and generally, about 4 to 7 individuals show up on every dive, but we’ve seen up to 10! They slowly swim around the scuba divers, calmly looking for someone they recognize. These Bahamas Tiger sharks are smart and know the routine even better than the divers. We have given them names, with some returning year after year. Emma, Maui, Freckles, Jitterbug, to name a few! 

All the Tiger Sharks we see at Tiger Beach are female. There are many regulars, and there are some we see only once. Each shark has a different and individual personality, and regardless of that, we try to keep their behavior calm and relaxed. Consistency and mindful routine of baiting and feeding keep these sharks cool.

Scuba Diving with Sharks

We are cage-less scuba diving with sharks, where there will be baiting and feeding from crates of bait fish by our shark handlers specifically to feed Tiger Sharks and Hammerhead sharks only. Four dives a day, alternating structured Tiger Shark feeding and non-feeding dives where you can swim around the Tiger Sharks and the reef area. We do limited night dives due to the sharks and their natural nocturnal nature.

When diving with Tiger Sharks, you’ll be amazed at how cautious, slow-moving, docile, tactical, and smart these sharks are! But sharks can be dangerous. Tiger sharks can be curious while swimming around, looking for food. Everyone must pay attention, particularly to Tiger sharks, always maintaining eye contact if they get close. They may, at times, get so close to you that you will need to push them away gently.

Please respect and never forget what these sharks are, large opportunistic feeding fish. Participants will be responsible for their safety during these dives. The sharks are attracted by baiting with dead fish, and there is a risk of injury or death while diving with these big sharks. Participants must be adults, experienced advanced divers, and accept the risk associated with shark diving and feeding.

Our guests return from these shark dives with smiles, excitement, and comments like, WOW, Amazing!, Terrific!, thrilling, and more.

Please read our release forms here: Standard Release and Shark Diving Release.

Learn more about individual Tiger sharks of Tiger Beach on our affiliate site, tiger-beach.org