See what our guests say on the Dolphin Dream Team crew tip envelopes. Real, personal, and sincere testimonials! The Team that makes the Dream work gets great satisfaction from reading the thankful notes.

22 nov1 IMG_0165~photo

Nov 14 to 22 2022

“We Will Be Back For Sure! Great Food, Excellent Guidance, Great Support & Service, You Guys Are All Great! Thank you for keeping us safe & showing us the sharks!! “

Nola & Michael




“Thank you for an amazing trip”

Cheers Josh


Tiger beach trip Nov22 IMG_0085~photo

November 2022

“Amazing week… probably the best overall yet!
Appreciate the dolphin run!
Thanks for letting us have a blast!”
Mike “Thank you for such a great trip!!!
I know you all worked really hard to make sure we had an amazing week.
It was a life changing trip for me.”
Eric “Thank you so much for an incredible week. This has been one of the most life changing and memorable experience I have had so far. A large part of that was all of you guys. Thank you for taking such good care of us! I hope to see you guys again.”

“TEAM TIGER 2022 IN THE BOOKS!This is what I wait all year for. Thank you all for making this week amazing. My soul is recharged-until next October!”

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October 2022

“Thanks Guys, Awesome”
Karyna “Thanks, Great job.”
Luis “Thank you for amazing trip and Josh, for saving my ass but not my pride”


“Dear Dolphin Dream
You certainly made my Tiger shark dreams come true!”


“Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience and opening up a new world! I’m eternally grateful and hope to be back soon.”
Ji Hae


“Thank you so much for an epic adventure and making me feel at home on your home! I will never forget this experience and the support I felt from you and my fellow divers.”
Shaina 2022-03-20 IMG_1371~photo

March ’22

“Thank you Scott, Finch, Josh and Courtney. Thank you for the Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks, Great Hammerhead, Nurse Sharks and even Bull Sharks. Thank you Courtney for the scrumptious food, consideration and care. This is a trip i will never forget, I’m so glad that I came. Very Best to you all”


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January 2022

“Thanks for the great memories, can’t wait to make more! See you all soon.”

Blue Expeditions


“I love the crew. Cory-Best cook ever, thank you for every meal, always perfect. Houston, always making me smile, Love, Love Love!. Ryan, Loved our dives, you are great for the Dolphin Dream!”


“Thank you for ANOTHER AMAZING trip. You guys are the best crew we’ve had the pleasure to dive with and Captain Scott you owe us some dance moves next time! Thanks again for an awesome trip!”


vlcsnap-2022-10-26-20h25m51s1172 IMG_1364~photo

“Thank you Boys”



“Thank you so much for everything! I had the most amazing time. I love you all!”



“Thank you all for an awesome adventure! and special thanks to Ryan and Finch. And to Josh for the outstanding meals, and to Captain for getting us there and back.”



“Thank you all for your awesomeness. So much fun diving and hanging with you! You’re the best!!”