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Tiger Beach Bahamas

Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is a world-renowned, premier shark diving destination featuring the highest quantity of sharks, both in different species and in sheer numbers. The location is best known for diving with Tiger Sharks and many of them are residents that are seen year after year. If you like diving with sharks and have not been to Tiger Beach, you are missing out! Professional and amateur underwater photographers alike visit Tiger Beach by liveaboard for the very best shark diving experience.

Tiger Beach is located on the northwestern edge of the Little Bahama Bank about 25 miles north of West End, Grand Bahama. On the edge is the transition zone, from deep to shallow waters with towering coral seascapes fed by the super warm and clear waters of the Gulf Stream. The shallow sand areas and clear water is where the name Tiger Beach came from. 

This area is known for it’s incredible bio-diversity and prolific fish life, both large and small. The Little Bahama Bank boasts a thriving population of sharks, dolphins, turtles, and much more.

Diving Tiger Beach, an area along this edge where you’ll find 4 different species of sharks and mainly the magnificent, docile, and large female Tiger Sharks. Reef sharks, Lemon sharks, and Nurse sharks are all plentiful as well and just as enjoyable to experience! 

Tiger Beach Shark Diving

Tiger Beach was moved from it’s original site to deeper reef site called “Fish Tales”.

Fish Tales is the prime location for Tiger Beach and the Dolphin Dream, where we will do 4 dives per day including shark feeding dives. We alternate our dives between structured Tiger Shark feeding dives and non-feeding dives where you can swim around the Tiger Sharks and reef area. The white sand bottom of the dive site sits at 50 feet (15m) with the reef coming up to 30 feet (10m).  Visibility can be great at times with 200 feet (60m) clarity, plus bright sunshine and white sand make for great pictures. The current is usually mild tidal flow. The average count of sharks is 5-7 Tiger Sharks, 15 +/- Lemon Sharks, 20+ Reef Sharks, a few Nurse Sharks and the occasional Bull Shark.  Five different species and well over 40 sharks, on just one dive!   It doesn’t get any better.

The Dolphin Dream Team makes scuba diving easy. We provide the extra service to give you the most enjoyable and safest trip possible. The crew helps you with your gear, helps you in and out of the water, helps with cameras, and helps with bottom times… anything you need, we are here to help.

Tiger Beach Bahamas