The best shark diving in the world! Bahamas Shark Diving, impressive encounters a wide variety of sharks.

Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Shark, Lemon, Reef, Nurse, and Bull Sharks – See them all during one liveaboard trip with the Dolphin Dream Team. We specialize in small groups, an incredible boat, and a great team to get you more sharks, more diving, the most comfort with less effort, and staying on location all day and night for premier shark diving!

Tiger Sharks

(Galeocerdo cuvier) are big sharks, 9-13 feet (3-4+ meters) long, and generally there are about 4 to 7 individuals that show up on every dive, but we’ve seen up to 10! They slowly swim around the scuba divers, calmly looking for someone they recognize. These Bahamas Tiger sharks are smart and they know the routine, even better than the divers. Most Tiger Sharks are regulars that we have named with some returning year after year to Tiger Beach. Emma, Maui, Freckles, Jitterbug, just to name a few!
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Hammerhead Shark Diving Bimini Bahamas.

Great Hammerhead shark diving in Bimini is included in our 8 and 9-day Bahamas Tiger Shark trips from November through April. Tiger sharks, Great Hammerhead sharks, and more all in one amazing shark diving trip!

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Scuba Diving with Lemon sharks.

The Lemon sharks of the Bahamas average about 6- to 8.5-feet and can show up at our shark diving site in numbers of up to 30 at a time. Most we see are female with only the occasional male passing through. Some researchers say that at least some of the Tiger Beach population travel between the Bahamas and Florida. There are times that we see less of them so they must travel, but are not really a migratory shark like the Tigers and Hammerheads. They are not a solitary shark and are usually found in small groups. These Lemon sharks are bold and completely unafraid of humans. They swim in and amongst scuba divers, coming in very close and are also very prevalent on the surface.

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Caribbean Reef Shark Diving

Shark diving in the Bahamas, almost always encountering Caribbean Reef sharks that are generally 3- to 5-feet in length. These sharks are very common, numerous and inquisitive during shark diving Tiger Beach. The colorful coral and sponges as well as crevices and ledges along the reef at our main dive site offer many excellent photographic opportunities of these sleek, quick, curious animals.
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Bull Shark Diving

Bull Sharks average around 6-feet and are most numerous during Hammerhead shark dives in Bimini. you can see 5 to 7 at a time and come close enough for photos but we do not feed them and prefer they keep their distance while the Hammerheads are around.
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Nurse Shark Diving

There are only a couple of Nurse sharks at Tiger Beach, mostly they hang on the surface and literally suck chunks of fish out of the bait crates. In Bimini during our Hammerhead shark diving the Nurse sharks are numerous and can be cute.
best shark diving in the world

Best shark diving in the world!

Tiger Shark and Great Hammerhead season runs from October through May. Water temperatures average around 76F (24C) with highs up to 80F (26.5C) and lows down to 72F (22C).  Air temperatures range from highs up to 82F (28C) and lows occasionally down to 60F (15C). Coolest months are January, February and March. Most divers wear 5mm full suits, hoods and gloves. Hoods and gloves are highly recommended due to the darker “less attractive” colors as well as for warmth and protection.