Hammerhead Shark Diving

Dive with Great Hammerhead sharks in Bimini Bahamas.

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Spectacular Hammerhead shark encounters!

Great Hammerheads are a unique and absolutely amazing wonder of nature that every diver should get to see in real life. They are usually an elusive and rare shark, but they are regularly seen on our 8 and 9 day shark diving expeditions. Hammerhead shark diving in Bimini starts in October and runs through April, with the beginning and ending of the season being the best with less divers visiting them.

Great hammerhead sharks are recognized by their unusual heads and tall dorsal fins which are absolutely spectacular. They reach lengths of 20 feet, but most individuals encountered by divers are between 7 to 14 feet.

While in Bimini for the Hammerhead diving you may get a morning of snorkeling with Spotted Dolphin.

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