Tiger shark dorsal fin Daisy

tiger shark dorsal fin

Tiger shark of Tiger Beach, Daisy’s dorsal fin change over one year. Daisy in top picture October 2021 and lower picture October 2022. Notice the change in the dorsal fin over one year.

November 14-22, 2022

“We Will Be Back For Sure! Great Food, Excellent Guidance, Great Support & Service, You Guys Are All Great! Thank you for keeping us safe & showing us the sharks!! ” – Nola & Michael “THANK YOU !” – Martin “Thank you for an amazing trip” – Cheers Josh

November 2022

“Amazing week… probably the best overall yet!Appreciate the dolphin run!Thanks for letting us have a blast!”Mike “Thank you for such a great trip!!!I know you all worked really hard to make sure we had an amazing week.It was a life changing trip for me.”Eric “Thank you so much for an incredible week. This has been […]


shark diving group

Captain Scott’s 60th birthday group.

Full house at Tiger Beach Bahamas!

Two Tiger sharks at Tiger Beach

10 named individual Tiger Sharks plus a couple of new ones in the distance. Who we know; Avery, Kelly, Jitterbug, Missy, Natalie, Kim, Marylin, Carrie, Jenn, Simon. 10 plus in one shark dive!