January 2023

Tiger Beach diving March 23

“Greatest Liveaboard Ever!” Jeff, Jan ’23 “Thank you for a wonderful week and great care. It was a pleasure to enjoy the week!” Bob Hartman, Jan ’23 “Thank you Captain Scott & crew. We appreciate everything you did for us this week. It was honestly the best trip we have gone on. We will be […]

Full house at Tiger Beach Bahamas!

Two Tiger sharks at Tiger Beach

10 named individual Tiger Sharks plus a couple of new ones in the distance. Who we know; Avery, Kelly, Jitterbug, Missy, Natalie, Kim, Marylin, Carrie, Jenn, Simon. 10 plus in one shark dive!

Tiger Sharks of Tiger Beach

Tiger Shark Carrie 2021

Tiger Sharks of Tiger Beach Fall 2021 Shark diving season, we’ve seen; Amparo, Carrie, Daisy, Emma, Freckles, Jen, Jitterbug, Kim, Marilyn, Maui, and Stephanie.

Tiger shark, “Emma”

Tiger Shark Emma 2021

Tiger shark, “Emma”. Seen October 2021, very healthy looking. Last April when she returned to Tiger Beach she was thin.

M/V Dolphin Dream

7 to 9 day liveaboard dive trips to Tiger Beach and Bimini, Bahamas.